Wednesday's @ Trinity:

Beginning Wednesday, September 10th. Dinner begins at 5:30.

Adults $5.00
Children (under age 10) $1.00
Max cost per family is $10.

At 6pm we have Nursery for Infants.
Preschool, Children’s, Youth Programs, and Teaching. Then, we will breakout in small groups.

For the first 8 weeks we will be teaching Celebrating Anglicanism.

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We have an active youth program.

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At Trinity, people from all walks of life are welcome to come and join us for worship regardless of their beliefs. However, we recognize that what we believe has an inescapable power to...
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Children will have a safe, Christian, wholesome, nurturing educational experience at Trinity Learn and Play. Our purpose is to worship God and teach children about His love and grace.
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Celebrating Anglicanism Video Replays

Reformation Anglicanism

Click Here to watch the video replay from the September 10th Celebrating Anglicanism series by Rob Sturdy.

Anglicanism has a rich history and a solid future. At over 80 million adherents, Anglicanism is the third largest Communion of Christians in the world today. While Anglicanism has been historically identified with the Church of England, the locus of growth in the Communion has shifted to the Global South, and with that shift has come significant expansion and mission.

For eight weeks this fall, Trinity Church will explore the richness and depth of our Anglican tradition with the help of several gifted teachers from across the Anglican diaspora. Class will meet on Wednesday nights from 5:30 to 7:30. Here are the topics that we will examine:

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer (no Communion) will be this Sunday, September 21st at 11am.